If you're interested in setting up your own instance of , feel free to ping me with any questions or issues.

PeerTube is an awesome video hosting platform and it's a lot of fun.

Also, if you run an instance let me know, I'd be happy to check it out (maybe even follow and offer video redundancy 😉).

My PeerTube channels: videopen.net/a/kujoe/

A quick stats update!

We're up to 19 users and 275 hosted videos! 🥳

If you'd like to host/mirror your own videos feel free to sign up.


Sincere apologies for all of the issues today with the new server. I keep finding little things to tweak and fix and just now realized our DNS and CDN were not properly setup. Everything should be resolved now including uploads and properly serving videos over the Cloudflare CDN.

VideOpen.net has been migrated to a new server and is back online.

The previous server, while useable, did not provide the performance I was hoping so I've migrated to a private server.



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