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Well damn, maybe I'm buying an Intel GPU now? 🤣

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IT'S FINALLY LIVE! Here's how @[email protected] AV1 encoder stacks up against H.264 and SVT-AV1. Grab the popcorn.


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it’s so cute when a guy passes unsantized POST input to shell_exec 🥰

I love it when he goes on to run PHP as root 🤭

it makes me feel so good when he stores his user data in cleartext 😩


My most popular video on my main YouTube channel is me restoring a backup using @[email protected]'s Active Backup application which tells me people care about backups.

I've done dozens of restores (file and bare metal) using Active Backup and it's been a huge time saver!

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The Struggle Bus Stream is taking off at 1 PM ET & checking out the New Battlefield 2042 Update 1.2 with the new Kaleidoscope Map! Plus, I've got fresh tunes on the cassette deck from the folks at @[email protected] and their latest album, " The Lost Levels."


If you don't own at least 2 Stream Decks are you really living? 🤣

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📢 Get Stream Deck for ONLY $89.99! 📢

Shop with Amazon Treasure Truck (🇺🇸) to get this deal today only, while supplies last.



I spent some time working on and finally got the login and registration working the way I want it to.

Need to do a lot more work on the account side of things (password recovery, 2FA, image management, organization, and self-deletion). 👍

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The Writers Guild Health Fund has announced that it will cover all travel expenses for members who need reproductive health care and live or work in a state where such care has been banned. Huge thanks to everyone at the Guild who worked behind the scenes to make this happen.


Love is not a finite resource, you're not splitting it up or assigning percentages to everybody.

You do not share your love, you give your love.

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Several times in Friends, Joey says "Joey doesn't share food".

Yet in at least five episodes, he does share food.
Joey is like many of us. We hoard what we have out of a fear of lack.

This is often what prevents polyamorous people from fully considering Ethical nonmonogamy.


I was listening to my old Punk-O-Rama CD and I decided to look up The Getaway by Ten Foot Pole and noticed there was a music video for it.

WAIT WHAT??? Is that @[email protected]???

The number of tweets I type out, then walk away, then come back later and decide not to post because they're too dark or negative is pretty high. Maybe I wasn't ready to come back to Twitter. 🤣

reddit in a nutshell.

Me: "I'm looking for the cheapest AM4 motherboard."
reddit: "This $270 motherboard will be perfect for you!"

Lately I've been listening to a lot of music from my childhood and most of it still makes me feel as good as it did then. 👍

For those people still buying NFTs this late into 2022, might I suggest a different way to give your money away to random strangers?

Go to your local public libraries and put cash in random books. This way somebody who's bettering themselves gets the money instead of people trying to prey on you. 😉

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People are getting straight up played on this app with AOL era internet troll tactics.

You aren’t dunking on someone with your snarky RT, you’re the one getting posterized. Twitter’s greatest innovation is making you feel good while you make the world a worse place.


So if George Jetson was born in 2022 and Jane Jetson was born in 2024 and Judy Jetson was 15 when Jane was 33 that would mean Judy was born when Jane was 18 meaning there's a much higher chance Judy was conceived when Jane was 17 than if she was 18 while George was ~20. 🤔

I was watching a couple of videos to learn about managing my own finances and budgeting but they all ended with a big push towards “passive income” and it was kinda scary.

It’s not wrong or bad, I just personally don’t trust the idea of earning money without doing anything.

Whenever I'm on the phone with my mom, my wife, or my daughter I end the called with "Love you!" and I find myself wanting to say it at the end of every call because if I'm talking to you on the phone there's a good chance I do love you.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! 🤗

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Folks, the time for action is now.

Make no mistake about it, people are making their voices heard. I get it, you're busy. But our friends are fighting for their human rights. Please help, it costs nothing but a little of your time.


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