I have a Coinbase account that I only use for fun. I don't do any serious investing and I never plan to withdraw any of it, it's literally a video game to me.

That being said, I really enjoy making little music videos whenever the crypto market crashes, here's the one I made today. 🀣

I spent DAYS searching for the right case for my new iPhone and it had never occurred to me to check and see if the cases I already owned for my other phones were available for my new phone.

To my surprise my favorite case for my Palm Phone is available for the iPhone 13 Mini!

I <3 the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle!

Basically twins!!! 🀣

Is the Steam Link box good in 2022? We're about to find out!

I always said if I had to do my audio setup all over again I would just get an Elgato Wave mic and be done with it...

Well I decided to do my audio all over again. πŸ˜†

My GoXLR Mini was really nice, and for how inexpensive it is I highly recommend them if you have an XLR mic, but if you want a set it and forget it solution this is it. πŸ‘

For a little under 3 months I was running my own private PeerTube instance as a mirror to my YouTube channels. Then last week I migrated everything over to @VideOpen.

Overall I'm just happy to see other people getting use out of it. πŸ˜€

I tried to login to my TransUnion account and the 2FA e-mail takes 2 and a half hours to get delivered but the code is only valid for 20 minutes.

E-mail and SMS 2FA are the least secure methods, how can a company in charge of our nation's credit reports have worse security than most social media platforms?

I'm thankful I don't need access to my account immediately cause it's locked now (2 failed attempts).

I spent waaaaaaay too long figuring our how to migrate from one PeerTube instance to another. Ended up having to throw together something myself. It isn't pretty but it'll save me some headache.

I had to use yt-dlp to download all of the videos so it preserves the title as the filename and then I had to edit the original PeerTube instance to show more than 20 videos in the RSS feed.

But it works! πŸ˜†

Time for a complete re-write! I guess I just wanted to post publicly that this work, in its original form, did exist.

Also, I had made it modular so it could support any control panel and payment method without needing to edit the original code at all. πŸ€“

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For @AFreeCloudHost@twitter.com I wrote a complete web hosting app from scratch where it handles registration, ordering hosting, it supports different control panels, invoicing, different payment methods, multiple servers, a ticketing system, announcements, staff accounts, and more.

Anytime somebody comments on a content creator's post to "stay in their lane"... you are literally IN their lane!

They can post whatever they want on the accounts they own (within the guidelines of the platform of course) and you are free to unfollow/ignore them. πŸ˜‰

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@ir_kujoe@twitter.com @45Drives@twitter.com My lane:

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Watching @EposVox@twitter.com videos is not for the weak willed. 😩

A story in 3 tweets.

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20 years of PCSX2… how does it compare to real hardware today?

@PCSX2@twitter.com 20 Years Later: The BEST way to play PlayStation 2?!

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Black Lives Matter
Trans Rights are Human Rights
I stand with Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Medicare for all
Pay Your Workers a Living Wage
Know Your Worth
Equal Rights for All

Say Their Names

If any of this offends you, get out of my lane. I'm going to pass you.

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Please retweet this tweet from @TheOnion@twitter.com so we can send a message to force Twitter to !!!

I'm sure @TheOnion@twitter.com will let us know when they're unbanned with another tweet. 🀣

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The Onion has been banned from Twitter. Help us send a strong message to Big Tech by changing your profile picture and tweeting

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Me: "I'm going to call around and try to get this medical stuff straightened out."
Wife: "Who are you going to call?"
Me: "Ghostbusters!"
Also me:

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