Been playing around with and it's been an AMAZING experience so far.

I know it's in the works, but I can't wait for it to offer VOD support because my streams are already being saved on object storage behind a CDN so they're ready to go.

Getting NVENC setup with ffmpeg was a pain but not too bad. Overall it was a good setup experience.

Currently running on an sub-$150 Dell Optiplex with a i3-7100 and a Quadro P400 GPU (max 3 transcoding streams per NVIDIA's self imposed limits).


I tried to do testing with to compare the experience but for some reason livestreaming isn't working on my PeerTube instance (I was able to livestream in the past, but now it's just broken even though OBS shows no connection issues).

PeerTube is a great idea but it's turning into a lot of extra work for me so I'm debating on what to do about it. The fact it's so resource intensive also hurts, when they support hardware encoding for transcoding jobs it'll be a lot better IMO.

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