Anyone interested in doing a little testing of Lord of Terror?

It's a Second Guess System based Diablo inspired dungeon crawler. SGS generally does bare bones single page solo journaling games, but with each release, I've expanded that scope- from duo games to rudimentary character creation and more.

LoT is the biggest departure with three different classes with xp/level based progression and skills all on the same journaling base.
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@kennon This was my first time ever hearing about a "journaling game" before so I decided to give it a try and I died during the 3rd Moment (I blame my d20 for killing me 🤣).

I liked it though, going to definitely give it another go because I love the simplicity and openness.

1 question, when it says "mark one of the Advancements listed" does that mean the next one in order, or do I select whichever one of the options I choose?

Thanks again for introducing me to solo RPGs!

@KuJoe you can mark whichever of the advancements that you'd like.

And yeah... I do worry that it's at a bit more of a Dark Souls lethality than Diablo at the moment, so that's one of the things I want to test!


@kennon So attempt number 2 was the opposite experience. I just hit level 4 and still on Depth 1.

A Crusader with the first 2 advancements is a bit OP and can level up pretty quickly since 10 of the 16 enemies can be killed without taking damage at Depth 1 (excluding Features).

Also, the enemy spots for 15 and 17 are empty, unsure if that's by design.

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@KuJoe Hmmm.... May need a way to make bosses a bit more likely or possibly allow people to skip straight to the boss. Maybe something like spend 3 or 4 XP to go straight to the boss for that level?

@kennon Maybe a level cap per Depth or possibly add the boss encounter as a Feature to increase the chances if you've been there long enough to roll the same encounter multiple times. This way people won't just farm XP (either on purpose or on accident).

@KuJoe Oh boss encounter as a Feature is probably perfect, I think!

@KuJoe Hmm... Just double checked and I'm only turning up 7 that the Crusader should currently defeat with no damage at Depth 1. Still may be too high a number, though.

Class balance is going to be a tricky beast for this!

Is Crusader what you played on both runs? The fast death on the first one makes me think it was a different class.

@kennon I played Crusader on both runs.

And you are correct, I miscounted the Succubus as one of the 8.

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